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  1. Linda Riscart
    November 23, 2022 @ 11:01 am

    Sadly, I can relate! Been weeping the past few days, from the laftest surprise satanic attack! Praying that we all will be strong and able to have our Faher’s supernatural stength and Victory thru it all to the Glory and Honor of our God and King Jesus! 😢💔🙏🀄Isaiah 41:10 (the amplified)

  2. PD
    November 23, 2022 @ 2:44 pm

    I hear ya, my relationship with my mother has been toxic from day 1. I have tried to reconcile that many times to no avail. I now keep my distance except for the obligatory semi annual 2 day visit. My current home is silently toxic ( everyone is avoidant but the underlying tension is very stressful) as well and I lack the resources to get out and re established on my own and no I don’t have the resources to invest in selling anything. I got into this situation in disobedience, so its my own fault.

  3. Victoria Ferris
    November 25, 2022 @ 9:06 am

    Wow, So sorry my dear sister & other sisters here! ( And Linda Riscart ), I know each of your stories from before and share a similar story. MY husband, I believed was a believer, was on fire for Jesus. A deaf man and we were highly involved in a deaf ministry. Sadly, after we married, I realized he was not the believer I knew prior. He had NO interest in our 2 hearing children. We, 3, were then on our own as their dad (?) was more like a rebellious teen. I stayed trying, praying as counselors ien my church told me our prayers could save him. But this did not occur. Why did the verse regarding (“if a husband refuses to protect and care for his wife and children, he is worse than an infidel, come up?)… After my son was 17, and I was STILL trying to pray his dad back into the Lord, he divorced me!! .Married a deaf woman he met at another church!!?? And it confused my children deeply!! My daughter could not understand WHY her dad never loved her and took her life 4.years back. And my son struggles, left his strong belief in Jesus and my 4 grandchildren are not allowed to go to church…SO I CONTINUE to pray for ALL of them, 17 years now for my son and his family. My one grandson, Liam ( the Lion) does love Jesus! . HALLELUJAH. I was left destitute financially due to this divorce, and yet my Ex, who had no grounds Biblically (nor by state we live in),.his new wife’s dad is wealthy and got a lawyer that intimidated my lawyer (.YES , that is how it works). Always about who has more $… This ex doesn’t even involve himself in my grandkids lives, but he still attended our.Thanksgiving yesterday. Why? To tell us all about his recent trip, to Iceland! They go on about 4 luxurious trips per year. And now are able to hire one of top “tour guides” in the world!! I can barely stay afloat due to this divorce. I NEVER was in debt prior, and now I have the worse credit scores, rent where I live ( in basement with a believer upstairs). But I do know this… Soon my son will return to his first love, Jesus…and all my grandkids and daughter-in-law will come back to Jesus! Hallelujah. Jesus said, ” they will hate you, because they hated me first!”. It is a hard walk! But it is a WORTHY walk!

  4. PD
    November 25, 2022 @ 5:15 pm

    I hear ya! rebellious teenager is a good description. I can handle a rebellious teenager who is actually a teenager, but when its someone who is supposed to be an adult and supposed to be my partner, that’s a different story.