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Partner With The Project On This Page You Can

For three years now we have faithfully kept the fires of Faith burning for our nation and our President through The America Project. Although we did not go looking for it, this has become a mission that we will maintain until God tells us otherwise. We must never again allow our nation to be left vulnerable to hostile take over as has been the case for the past several decades.

I have funded this project on my own since it started. It was my intention to always do it that way but I have been told that by not opening it up to partnership I may be withholding the Blessing that my partners could be receiving. When I extended the opportunity for partners to help launch the book project by participating financially the response was overwhelming.

After much deliberation, I feel the Lord is prompting me to extend an invitation for those who would like to become monthly membership partners with this project. 

The America Project is not a charitable organization, I am not a 501c3. As you know the 501c3 has been weaponized and used against Christians. Anyone who partners will be considered members.

Those who commit to a monthly membership will receive The America Project book on video. After the book is published, I will begin working on creating a video version that I will personally narrate. I will be giving this exclusively to my monthly partners as my gift to you for partnering.

How To Partner

You can use the PayPal Subscribe button below and choose the amount you would like to pledge each month in the drop-down menu. If you have another amount you would prefer please reach out to me and let me know.

With the subscribe button it will automatically set up to come out each month unless you go into your PayPal account and change it. If you do not have a PayPal and would like to partner another way, please click the Contact button at the top of the site and reach out to me.

If you would like to Partner but would prefer to mail your monthly membership simply CLICK HERE to request the mailing address.

Monthly Membership

Click the drop-down Menu to choose your monthly membership amount. This will create an automatic monthly subscription. You can log in to your Paypal at any time and cancel. 

Thank you in advance

  Choose Monthly Membership

You Partnered, Awesome! Now What?

I want to Thank You for believing enough in this mission to support it by planting financial seed into it. Now that you have set up your monthly membership, I want you to do something for me. I want you to write down something you are specifically praying for and place a demand on this seed you are planting in The America Project.

Don’t just write it down and put it away but get it out every day, even several times a day and place a demand on it. See yourself with the manifested answer to that thing you are desiring. Then when it manifests, I want to be one of the first to know. I want to celebrate with you that God would Bless the seed you have planted!

I want to thank you again for Partnering With The Project. Every bit that comes in that can help us financially is so greatly appreciated. The more help we have the more I can focus on taking The America Project to the next level.

God Bless!