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The America Project Book

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I have known for years that someday I would be a published author.  God gave me a passion for writing and through the years has nudged me, more than once, to write. 

It never seemed to be the right time so until now it just did not happen. My husband has reminded me many times that I am supposed to write and should but again, I always felt like the time wasn’t right, everything wasn’t in place yet to make it easy for me to concentrate on just writing. 

And Then This Happened

We were hit with some very upsetting news on the second day of January. Out of nowhere our the company we had our trading portfolio with folded and we lost our entire savings. 

That morning as soon as we got the news I immediately called on the prayer team to pray for us. This was a devastating blow. I remember getting up from my chair and rushing into the kitchen, to this day not sure why. 

But as I was making my way into the room I heard these words, “Now it’s time to write the books.” 

What an insane thought to have at a time like this, was all I could think to myself as I turned to make my way back to the living room. We were stunned and not sure what to say exactly. Almost out of instinct, not knowing anything better to do, I reached for the mouse to check my email. 

And I Saw This

The first thing I see is an email subject line that read: Is God Calling You To Write? 


Again I was stunned. What is this with the writing and at such a dreadful time? Of all the things I might consider trying in order to recover from this setback, writing a book certainly was not at the top of my list. 

But it certainly was ‘interesting’ that I would have that thought just leap into my mind and then immediately the next thing I see is this email related to writing. 

But Wait There’s More!

As I’m still pondering how ‘interesting’ this was, I left my inbox and went to check the comments from the prayer team. As I suspected the words of encouragement and prayers were pouring in already. 

Then this comment leaped out at me. I do not remember who said it now but one of the prayer team partners asked me, “Sherry, do you think God is trying to tell you He wants you to write a book?”

Okay, now God has my attention, but I’m still in shock. Surely, He would not be telling me to do this now! There was no way I could afford to have my book self-published after taking this hit. This was just completely out of the question, wasn’t it?

I recanted all of this to Dean who promptly responded with this is exactly what God could be telling me to do right now. I argued that there was no way we could afford to self-publish with the hand we had just been dealt. 

I broached the subject to my team about what had just transpired and they did not respond at all as I was expecting. Instead, they responded with, “Tell us what you need.” 

Not knowing what else to do…

So I Made The Call

I did it because I did not have a good enough reason not to really. I called the Xulon Publishing Company and it was as if she had been waiting for my call! 

To make a long story short, Gina, was both impressed and thrilled with my project. After some conversation, she presented me with an offer but in order to get it, I would need to come up with a deposit of at least $301 within the next forty-eight hours. 

I thought this would absolutely be the end all be all of this deal. There was only one thing to do and that was to present this to the team and see how they responded. 

So I did. I went to the team and explained the whole story from that dreadful moment we got the news about the huge financial hit to what transpired after and my conversation with the publishing company. 

I explained that in order to make this happen we would need to raise the minimum by Friday afternoon, by now it’s Thursday morning. 

I kept telling God, “If this is really you, then the money will come in for the minimum.” Okay, I was ready to present. But wait! If I only get the minimum what do I do when the first full payment is due? So I went back to God for further negotiations. 

I said, ‘Okay, God, if this is REALLY you, then more than enough will come in to cover the minimum and the first few months of payments because I do not have this kind of money now and you know it.” 

By now it’s mid-morning on Thursday. I could not put it off any longer so I told the team the numbers and held my breath. 

And Boy Did They Deliver!

Well if I needed confirmation that it surely ‘was’ God speaking to me in my kitchen telling me that now is the time to write, this was it. 

In less than forty-eight hours this team contributed enough to cover nearly the entire book project! I was shocked and at the same time not surprised because of the love and support I have always received from this group of prayer warriors.

This book project is a labor of love and good Lord willing, it will be ready for print in the not too distant future. If you would be interested in reading the story of how The America Project was birthed and have a compilation of some of the prayers we have shared along the way watch for upcoming announcements!

Until then…

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